Top 5 Ultimate Xmas Gifts For YouTubers!

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Top 5 Ultimate Xmas Gifts For YouTubers!


It’s almost Christmas time and everybody is frantically trying to scrape together gifts for their friends and family. If you have a friend who enjoys watching YouTube then this is the perfect buyers guide written by a YouTuber! In no particular order, here we go!

5. A YouTuber’s Book.


Reading your favourite YouTuber’s book is like taking a dive into their minds and so if you know your friend loves Alfie then go ahead and get them his book! I’ve personally purchased Shane’s book to gain a further insight into his life and how he went from an over-weight, bullied and abused teenager to a slim, successful filmmaker and actor. I think if you’re looking for a story about a dysfunctional teenage childhood then Shane’s book hits the nail on the head although Shay Carl’s weight loss story seems to take a different approach due to their age gap. I saw Shay’s videos first around 2008 when he was known as that big cuddly guy with lots of kids. When I recently revisited his channel he was super slim. I struggled to recognize him! Although if you are looking for more of an inspirational book then Josh Sundquist’s new book (WSHOS) about the struggle of finding a girlfriend being a one legged amputee (also a motivational speaker, Olympic skier/soccer and YouTuber) is a great recommendation which followed his first book ‘Don’t Fall Down‘. Finally if you’re looking for more of a story story then John Green has multiple best selling novels such as The Fault in Our Stars and Looking for Alaska.

To view a book make sure you click in the center of their faces. 

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4. Video Equipment.


How about you make your own youtube videos? You’ve thought about it but you’ve never put that action into thought but you just never knew how to start. I’m presuming that we are talking about becoming a ‘vlogger’ here. It’s often said that you need cameras worth thousands of pounds and lighting set-ups suitable for a Tarantino film. You honestly don’t need an expensive camera. All the shots that you can achieve on an expensive hollywood ‘RED Epic’ can be achieved on a DSLR with just a little more time. If you’re just starting out I totally recommend a ‘point and shoot‘ camera. No, it won’t feel professional but if you’re in a well lit room that won’t exactly matter. It helps to have that extra quality but it’s more about the content. If I got that new red shiny bike for christmas that I’d always wanted I wouldn’t care if It was packaged in an old cardboard box, now would I? The point-and-shoot I suggest is the Canon S120 since it doubles up as a perfect camera for ‘lifestyle vlogging/daily vlogging’ with it’s smooth stabilization and clear quality. If all else fails your computer sometimes comes with a good webcam just make sure you prop up your laptop so you’re not looking down on your viewers. The editing software that comes free on your computer is perfect for editing! (Windows Movie Maker for Windows and iMovie for Macintosh)


Once vlogging has kept you busy for a year or two it’s time for an upgrade. This isn’t essential but I would first suggest upgrading to a DSLR to increase your quality, depth of field and dynamic range. DSLR’s can vary in price from £200 to £2000 but spending that much money so that your viewers can see you in 4k (4000p like 1080p) really isn’t worth it. Most digital single lens reflex cameras you purchase will perform well and so I’ll have to recommend the Nikon D3200.


It’s what I got by using for the past four years alongside the Rode VideoMic Pro for audio. If you’re interesting in lighting then a 3 point softbox set-up with florescent bulbs seems to be what vloggers start out with and they’re fairly cheap. These bulbs tend to have a slight green tint however this can be easily fixed during colour correction. Just try not to blow out your highlights by keeping your lights far back and possible facing them towards the ceiling to bounce the light. I suggest ‘Sony Vegas‘ to edit since it’s professional yet simple and simple is all you need when you’re editing vlogs. I later upgraded to the GH4 with LED fresnel lights. This cost quite a bit although it was a good investment for our short films and comedy sketches.


3. A YouTuber ‘Freak Mask‘.


Imagine getting to actually be your favorite YouTuber? You may think that’s impossible but with the ‘freak mask’ you can create a mask of anybodies face including YouTubers. I personally think it’s hilarious to purchase one of your own face which has been done above by Jonathan Ross. It’s defiantly worth looking at and will make for a hilarious xmas gift! I can imagine this being perfect for a really original Halloween mask.


2. Backing Lights


If you’re a vlogger or someone who presents themselves to a camera you need an interesting background. A boring bedroom scene is seen too much and so we tend to purchase fun lamps that brighten things up and create an interesting look. Whether you’re looking for Emma Blackery’s ‘Tetris Lamp‘ or Jim Chapman’s ‘Pac-Man Ghost Lamp‘ we’ve got a list of some of the best below. I personally have a ‘Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp’ which looks great here. A lot of lights are related to ‘gaming’ but the ‘Lumen LED‘ light set looks amazing. They link up with your phone so you that you can alter the colour, dimness and even apply effects.

Click here for more lights.

1. YouTuber Marshmellow.


When you buy the ‘YouTuber Marshmellow Flump’ you’ll actually get to eat your favourite YouTuber. It’s a giant flump that can have any image of your choice printed onto it including Alfie Deyes or PewDiePie’s face! I wonder what Tyler Oakley will taste like? Click ‘here‘ to find out!

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