Attention SnapChat Users! Were Your Nudes Leaked?

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A large database of over 200,000 snapchat accounts have been hacked releasing thousands of private videos and photos. 4Chan discussion has labeled the event as ‘The Snappening’ after the ‘celebrity iCloud hack‘ a month earlier titled ‘The Fappening’. omg

You send a photo on Snapchat. When your friend opens it they have a set amount of time to view the photograph before it’s gone forever. However, if you have ‘SnapSave’ installed onto your iPhone too you can automatically save these to your pictures. What nobody knew was that the photograph they saved would also be saved onto the ‘SnapSave’ database which was comprised this week. In the following film by Casey Neistat we see how SnapChat has taken over the ‘social networking’ world.

Snapchat. It’s the current social network before ‘Facebook’ was popular. There are over 13GB of videos and pictures that are being sent through torrent sites of teenagers aged (10-18).


Facebook is literally becoming the next ‘myspace’ quickly and it seems they are doing nothing to fix that. I believe they could quickly fix this by developing a new timeline that is as simple as snapchat’s. So that means we don’t get notified when a friend ‘likes’ something but only if a friend (not a page) posts something. In the next short film we see a dystopian future where Facebook has developed an Oculus Rift (virtual reality) application to stay on top. I highly recommend you watch it.


pedobearIt’s unlikely that Facebook will actually ever close down as a company. They own some of the largest social networking apps today such as Instagram and Whatsapp. They even now own ‘Friendster’ (the Facebook of 2003).

Technically it’s also illegal to view the images and or download them since it’s highly likely the majority of the images will be from kids as young as 10.

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This isn’t the first time that SnapChat users have had security issues. Last year 4.6 million snapchat usernames and phone numbers were leaked and this year (2014) during the month of February a user sent an advertisement for a recipe website on making smoothies to every single user. It may have been harmless but they would have gained millions of pounds worth of free advertising. There was also a time when SnapChat would actually take secret photos when you close the phone with the app open and save that photo into your phone’s hidden directory. SnapSave have since removed their website most likely to keep out of the drama until it all blows over. 

SnapSave’s Plan After They Leaked Nudes

How Can I Prevent Nudes From Leaking?

 1. Don’t Use Snap Save.

2. Don’t Send Nudes through Snap Chat.

3. Don’t Take Nudes Ever.

An Example of a Snapchat Story (ft. Jerome Jarre & Casey Neistat)

I personally have SnapChat but have literally never sent one. I quickly stopped using it after our app review video last year. I wouldn’t watch the video if I were you. It doesn’t portray who we are anymore. I started using Snapchat again when ‘SnapChat Stories’ was released. It’s a fun way to vlog on the go in real time and watch other YouTubers as well. These photos and videos haven’t been seen yet (excluding the 500mb file uploaded to torrent sites featuring a collection of nude snap chat videos) and so this could be a hoax. An anonymous user has recently posted a statement to say that this was a hoax and that it had gotten out of hand. However because this was posted anonymously we don’t know who to believe.

Do you use Snapchat? What do you think of people who send nudes? Leave a comment below.



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