Sam Pepper Sexually Assaults Young Girls For YouTube Prank!

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Sam Pepper Sexually Assaults Women For Prank

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A recent ‘prank’ video was uploaded to YouTube by British vlogger/prankster known as Sam Pepper (2.4 Million subscribers) in which he pinches the behind of strangers in public. The video has destroyed Sam’s already poor reputation with news outlets such as The Mirror, Huffington Post and even The Independent covering the story. The video was removed although there is a reuploaded copy below.


Chapter 1. Sam’s Mistake

Sam was a contestant in the 2011 Big Brother house and later moved to LA to pursue his career making ‘pranks’ and ‘social experiments’ for his YouTube channel. In his latest prank called ‘Fake Hand Ass Pinch Prank’ he literally pinches strangers without their permission and calls it a prank. Many reacted on Twitter as ‘#ReportSamPepper‘ along trended for a few good days.

sam-pepper trending reportsampepper

In the following video Josh Sundquist (motivational speaker, author, paralympic and incredible vlogger) shares his views on the subject. He talks about one of his very close friends (presumably his girlfriend) who was sexually abused by a stranger which caused her years of psychological damage. This is just one of many many video responses.

So many of Sam’s fans greatly respect him and because of this they will back him up like he’s a friend. Similar to Justin Bieber’s fans that continued to support him even after he used drugs and was speeding in his car. Fans should know when to respect somebody and when to not respect them. A lot of Sam’s fans are young and impressionable and so the fact that they could watch this video and see the person they look up to assaulting women is terrible. Fans will lie and even support Justin Bieber in Jimmy Kimmel’s Eye Witness News. (The clip has since been removed from the Jimmy Kimmel YouTube channel for unknown reasons. This could be to do with Justin Bieber’s 2015 redesign it seems his PR team are attempting to craft.) A huge middle finger to Sam Pepper.

quentin tarantino swearing middle finger flipping the bird flip mad

“people who aren’t his friends can quite often dislike him and find him annoying!” – Big Brother Wiki

A large number of YouTubers say they’ve lost all respect Sam and say that they won’t be associating themselves with him. John & Hank Green from the ‘vlogbrothers’ (author of ‘The Fault in Our Stars’) say that Sam is no longer welcome to attend VidCon. The FineBros stated he is no longer welcome on their show ‘YouTubers React‘ and Charlie McDonnell commented on the situation.

hank green fine bros sam pepper

charlie mcdonnell sam pepper

YouTube’s sex guru ‘Laci Green‘ took control of the situation and wrote an open letter to Sam asking him to stop making videos that are disrespectful to women. Sam Pepper replied.

laci green's public letter to sam pepper

Laci Green's tweet's regarding Sam pepper

Even one of Sam’s best friends Mazzi Maz has stated that Sam has ‘gone too far’ in a recent interview where he explained that he didn’t know if Sam was actually going to publish the video and said “When I saw it, I called him straight away and was like bro, are you feeling OK?”

sam pepper smile gif

Sam was ignoring the entire thing and tweeting about pizza and sleeping. However, the debate still goes on as to whether youtube pranks are getting out of hand with some people purposely winding up others to gain a reaction and then uploading it as a ‘prank’. Pranks have also controversially been faked by large youtubers as well which is another debate within the YouTube world.


Chapter 2. Sam’s Cover Up

He then later released “Part 2” where he had a women do the same thing to men. The video was quickly removed this time however people still became enraged saying that Sam thought ‘sexual abuse on men’ was okay. The video was titled ‘Part 2 of 3’ which created speculation as to what this last video would be about. Some users uploaded their predication’s including a video by ‘MaxMoeFoe‘ (prank caller / vlogger) who correctly estimated ‘part 3’s’ contents.

Sam uploaded part 3 which was a ‘reveal’ video rather than an ‘apology’. He explained how the entire thing was faked with actors and was a ‘social experiment’ on the viewers to see how they reacted to both of the videos. He apparently wanted to prove that more people would be disgusted by the sexual abuse on women rather than the sexual abuse on men.  Sam’s now fighting to regain his reputation before his business plummets to the ground.

“I wanted to do something that would highlight the difference between abuse towards a woman and abuse towards a man in a social experiment  with you as unwitting participants at the heart of the experiment.”

He said that he was “feeling uncomfortable”  when “fans pinch his bottom” during meet and greets.

With Pepper comes Assault. #ReportSamPepper” – Mamire Hart

Steve Green’s Parody


Chapter 3. Sam is a Rapist. 

Earlier this year YouTuber, Alex Day was found to have manipulated 16-18 year old girls into sex by using his ‘authority’ as a perk. Alex Day closed down all his social media including his YouTube and hasn’t been seen since. A video was uploaded by ‘ThisBeDottie’ after the ‘Ass Pinch Prank’ drama talking about her relationship with Sam and how he made her feel sexually uncomfortable. Could this be another Alex Day incident all over again? UPDATE: Many girls have come forward saying that they were sexually assaulted and even raped. Some of the girls were as young as 13. 

Clip from Philip Defranco Show – 25th September (mobile users – click here)

Laci Green’s video

Dottie’s Story:

Anonymous (Explicit 18+) Story:



Chapter 4. Jason Joins The Club. 

Recently after the Sam Pepper drama, a video from ‘AniaMags’ was uploaded stating that Jason (VeeOneEye) intoxicated her in the attempt to have sex with her when she was 15 (under 16 – UK law) when he was 20. She explains that she didn’t think much of it although the Sam Pepper situation encouraged her to come forward. I actually designed a YouTube channel banner for Ania when she had around 3000 subscribers.

Jason filmed an apology video explaining he was brought up in a ‘mormon family; where alcohol, sex before marriage and smoking was off limits so he never learned how to behave around these things. Unlike Sam Pepper, Jason had a great reputation and was loved by the community. Earlier in the year allegations against Jason were made and so he took a spontaneous trip to America. Jason lives in a house with his friends ‘Luke Cutforth’ and ‘Patty Walters’ who have now asked him to leave.


“I don’t, never have or will condone any form of sexual abuse. We asked Jason to move out which he has done so I’m going to comfort my friends.” – Luke Cutforth (via Twitter)


Ania make a Tumblr post about her entire Jason situation after a few more people came forward making anonymous allegations against Jason. Other friends of Jason include Karim, Evan, Bry and Emma. A close friend of Jason’s released the following video.

UPDATE: Jason has since been seen spending a lot of his time with Sam Pepper on Instagram and Snapchat.


Chapter 5. The Return of Alex Day.

It been 6-7 months since Alex Day (singer song-writer and youtuber) left the internet after allegations that he’d manipulated fans into having sex with him.  However today Alex uploaded a video called ‘The Past’ talking about the situation and defending himself. It seems that he’s back uploading videos and has even started a new channel titled ‘TheDailyDay’ to bring his last surviving supporters over to a fresh environment. It’s a community channel around the topic of mindfulness and buddism. The channel started to decline with videos getting under 1k views and uploads no longer being daily.

He later decided to make a full come back to his channel which now has just over 910k subscribers with most of them being inactive. He originally had surpassed 1 million subscribers and even recieved his golden play button although lost 90k subscribers during the expose on his manipulative relationships. He’s back with a set video schedule and claims he was getting lazy as he filmed shaky handheld iPhone videos. On Wednesday he plans to release ‘Sony Lyric Dissection’ video where he’ll laugh at the lyrics of popular songs. On Sunday he’ll read, dissect and laugh at the Bible without offending anyone and on Wednesday he’ll do whatever he wants (music ect.). Some viewers are still asking if his channel will be ‘buddist’ based and from responses it seems that the channel won’t be a ‘buddist’ channel but he isn’t leaving his religion.

Evin Edinger replied with a parody of Alex Day’s song ‘Forever Yours’ and also included a short clip of himself burning his once loved ‘Alex Day’ shirt.

Chapter 6. Sam Pepper’s Murder Prank

sam pepper petition murder prank jail

Sam Pepper is back again in a new video he calls “Killing Best Friend Prank” in which he traumatizes a 19 year old by tricking him into thinking his best friend has been murdered minutes just after kidnapping them both. Whether or not the video was faked it’s still extreme and brings up the conversation of pranks on YouTube and whether or not Sam should have his YouTube channel removed. You can sign the petition here to see Sam’s channel removed from YouTube:

According to the National Health Service (NHS) post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) “can develop after a very stressful, frightening or distressing event” including examples like witnessing “violent deaths”, “being held hostage”, “terrorist attacks” and “unexpected severe death of a family member or friend”. They also state that the disorder is triggered in 33% of people who experience these events. The person in the video being pranked can’t exactly say that he doesn’t want the video uploaded since he’ll be gaining a large number of subscribers from the video which is highly important in the world of YouTube.

sam pepper ptsd

Sam Pepper later appeared in an interview on Drama Alert by Dan Keem with the two other youtubers, Sam and Colby. In the interview Sam explains that he wasn’t traumatised by Pepper’s prank and that it was acceptable since they’re both in the pranking world and should be able to give and take. Some viewers were outraged to see the execution prank especially after recent ISIS videos and attacks in Paris however Pepper explained that this wasn’t their original intention.

“We weren’t going for ‘terrorist  ISIS attack’.” – Sam Pepper

Pepper also tried to justify his actions by stating that he never actually killed anybody.

“Did I murder someone? Is someone dead? Did we kill someone?” – Sam Pepper

After the interview was published the petition surpassed one hundred thousand signatures however YouTube have stated that the video does not break any of their community guidelines and so the video will not be taken down. Sam Goldbach, who was pranked by Sam Pepper and Colby Scherer, stated in a tweet “I’m not traumatized.” and explained that they waited two weeks before releasing the video. Many parodies were uploaded within hours of the prank going live including Ethan & Hila’s video on h3h3productions who have been known to talk about prankers and Pepper before.

On the 1st of December, one day after the release, an Anonymous twitter account with 160,000 followers tweeted that they were giving Sam Pepper exactly 24 hours to remove his video or “he will incur the wrath of Anonymous” because “the video emulates ISIS executions”. We’ll include a temporary countdown timer below.

The Anonymous Twitter account claiming to  “destroy” Pepper has tweeted to say that they’ve taken down his website ‘’ however through website cache archives we were able to see that the domain wasn’t being used. They’ve been highly active on Twitter during the day and have even encouraged followers to spam Sam’s email account. Other larger ‘Anonymous’ Twitter accounts have spoken out to disassociate themselves with ‘TheAnonMessages’ stating that Anonymous is about a freedom of speech and so they wouldn’t try to censor Sam Pepper’s content. A recent tweet has also threatened to ‘dox’ Pepper by releasing his home address and other personal details. We still have to remember that Anonymous isn’t a “group” and there is no leader. Anybody can be a part of Anonymous simply by involving themselves into and helping with popular/current ‘operations’.

Sam soon began direct messaging his fans using some sort of bot asking the to “turn on notifications”. This makes sense that Sam or any other large Twitter account would use something like this however Anonymous seem to be taking credit and describe the attack as a bug injected into Sam’s Twitter. Some Twitter users replied in confusion however Anonymous replied “…wait for it ;)” before being given one final warning.

If we take a closer look at how Pepper’s channel has been performing over the last week it seems that his channel has been loosing subscribers everyday (some days gaining under 100) until the release of the murder prank which gained him over 10,000 new followers as the video racked up 3m views. It’s safe to say that any publicity is good publicity.

Sam pepper stats

Sam’s IP address and UK home address have both been leaked. It hits 5:05am UK time and Anonymous posts an unexpected tweet.

After leaking Sam’s phone number there hasn’t been another tweet for 7 hours. However, in a few hours they’ll be back. They have hinted that they’re going to possibly do something involving his sister however this is most likely just a tactic to scare Pepper.

The petition surpasses 160,000 signatures as the Anonymous (@TheAnonMessages) twitter account has been suspended. The backup profile (@YourAnonMessage2) has also wiped tweets mentioning the Sam Pepper incident. After the Anonymous profile was taken down Sam retweeted another Anonymous twitter account (YourAnonNews) regarding the #DontBombSyria situation here in the UK. Sam later appeared on ‘The JaackMaate Show’ on Fubar Radio hosted by fantastic youtuber, Jack Dean.

Sam Pepper has just released a new video titled ‘Burying Sam Pepper Alive Revenge Prank’ harnessing the hate the community has for him and turning it into money. I haven’t even seen the video yet however I’m already sure this is going to be fake. The description tells me that it’s a collaboration between Pepper and another hated online individual known as SoFloAnonio who is known for gaining millions of views off of copyrighted content.

As the murder prank reached 8m views Sam desperately decided to use the communities hate to his advantage by creating a GoFundMe page (usually used by the less fortunate to raise money for health care ect.). In the video he asks for $1.5 million before he’ll close his account for good. Although the campaign was later removed by either ‘GoFundMe’ or Sam himself just after reaching $500. Drama Alert host, Dan Keem, stated in a Twitter video that he thinks “I understood that this was an actual real experiment.” he went on to say “Do people actually emotionally hate Sam Pepper or are they just following the crowd.”

“If it was real hate, you’d think that they’d put money towards it.” – Dan Keem ( Host)

sam pepper gofundme

However, I have to disagree. If I were to give money to Sam’s campaign, would I not be financially supporting an ‘alleged’ pedo rapist? If a terrorist group such as IS or Al-Qaeda stated that they’d disband their group for a lump sum of money. Would we really start funding their operations?

Sam later attempted to censor three videos by Pyrocynical by issuing three copyright strikes on his channel. Pyrocynical creates rant reactions (similar to h3h3productions) that fall under the fair use law. The law states that you can essentially bypass copyright laws if you’re commenting, criticizing or parodying. Similar to how Bart Baker parodies music videos and Phillip DeFranco includes clips in his news show. After a few back a forth tweets (and a mention on Drama Alert) #FreePyro was trending on Twitter just as his channel was 7 days away from termination. He eventually resolved the strikes with Sam across Twitter DMs. Sam took advantage of YouTube’s poor copyright system to wrongly censor viewers.

Chapter 7. Sam is Sorry.

On the 24th of February, Sam Pepper took off his virtual mask and uploaded his first genuine uncut apology video titled “i’m sorry“. This video was uploaded a few days after he wiped all his social media blank (including youtube) causing large media outlets to write 200-character (+ poorly researched) articles titles titled “Sam Pepper quits”.

In the out of focus video he stutters and stumbles over his words as he tries to portray his side of the story. He admits that he began faking his videos to compete with channels that were getting more and more extreme with their videos. By the time it came to making his infamous ‘fake bum pinch’ video he states that he was so used to faking videos he didn’t think about how the video made his audience perceive him. He also states that the ‘social experiment’ lie was in fact a lie and that he should have just come clean.

However, when the subject came around to the rape allegations he simply stated that these were not true and then went on to explain his anxiety around having to explain to his girlfriend after 6 months as to why his name googled alongside the search term ‘rape’. After the whole ‘Sam Pepper situation’ he went back to creating less ‘extreme’ content but noticed that his views were declining and so decided to go back to the extreme content with his also fake ‘Best Friend Murder Prank’.

“I wan’t to change.”

Finally he says that he’s only going put back up the videos that truly represent him and from here on out will only produce this type of content (travel vlogs, advice videos ect.) that he doesn’t feel uncomfortable showing new people he meets. He even mentions h3h3productions and GradeAUnderA stating that he agree’s with a lot of the stuff they said in their videos.

One hour later he appeared on Keemstar’s Drama Alert to further explain himself.

After the apology one of the more severe rape victims known as ‘I’m Anonymous’ who detailed her 16 minute rape story last year that was viewed by 2.5m people, came forward with a new 7 minute video titled “The Truth About The Rape” showing her full face and giving us a further insight into her life experience. She mentions that a large number of news outlets have offered large cash sums to reveal her face or interview her on their show which she denied. She did however appear in a BuzzFeed article interview yet did not receive any monetary gain from it. She shows proof of text messages and police reports (no press charges) and explains how hard it has been to recover especially with all the hate she’s received for speaking out. The video has comments and ratings disabled.

Sam Pepper has been uploading vlogs for just under a month now and is recieving 50k-100k views per video. This seems to be the end of the Sam Pepper story.

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What do you think? Will Sam go to Jail and will his channel survive? Leave comments below or tweet me!



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