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Who was PewDiePie’s first subscriber?

PewDiePie is the most subscribed YouTuber with “40 Million Subscribers” (11th November 2015). He is on average gaining 1/2 million new subscribers every month and had literally transformed himself from ‘a nobody‘ into a ‘youtube celebrity‘ into an ‘actual celebrity‘. The real question is: Who was PewDiePie’s first subscriber?

pewdiepie's first subscriber

He makes money by playing video games. That’s not entirely true.

At this point, you’ve definitely heard of ‘Felix (Arvid Ulf) Kjellberg’ from Sweden (aka PewDiePie) who earns an average of £7 million a year (just from video ad revenue). Felix produces 2-4 episodes of entertainment everyday that can take the good part of a day to produce. There is a debate as to whether or not he deserves such a large amount of money for, as some people put it, just playing video games. However he’s actually being massively under paid. That’s right…

…PewDiePie should be earning £95 million a year. ($144m)

pewdiepie's first subscriber

Let’s think about this logically. A 30 second advertisement during the super bowl costs £3m and so essentially the companies are paying £3m for their advert to be seen by 114 million people. So if we divide 3,000,000 by 114,000,000 we get £26,315.78 which is the exact figure that companies are paying the superbowl’s TV network per 1 million views. Felix get’s an average of 10m views across his videos every day and so if we times £26,315.78 by 10 we get £263,157.8 meaning a television advert with 10 million views would cost £263,000 however PewDiePie is only being paid between £1.9K – £29.6K for a 10 million view advert. So the overall point that I’m trying to make is that YouTuber’s are under paid. Many advertisers perceive online adverts to be less valuable than adverts on the dying medium known as television. Even if he was paid ITV’s price he’d be earning 18 million a year which is still over double what he’s earning now.

How PewDiePie and other YouTubers are being underpaid by advertisers

It’s been known for quite some time that YouTuber’s are not paid a great deal of money however over the last couple years we’ve seen the popularity of YouTube increase with many of today’s channels receiving viewing figures into the millions resulting in huge pay checks. Let’s put this into an analogy. A man owns a fish market where he sells his fish for 20p per fish. He sells a couple hundred fish a day. It’s an extremely small pay check but he’s selling enough fish to feed his family and he loves selling fish so he’s happy. One day the popularity of fish has a massive boost and he starts selling tens of thousands of fish a day. He’s now a millionaire but he still sells fish for 20p.

pewdiepie's first subscriber

YouTube is cluttered with young kids trying to upload their gameplay commentaries and then questioning the system when they don’t succeed. The amount of 12 year olds that I’ve seen mumbling over a ‘Minecraft‘ clip about what block their swinging their virtual axe at would surprise you. The average ‘youtube celebrity’ is in his 20s and it’s very rare that you’ll see a successful youtuber under the age of 16. The biggest YouTubers today are people who got in the game early.

(The following videos contains video game gore, violence and profanity just encase you’re a baby.)

When I joined YouTube around June of 2007 the “big” youtubers were Smosh,  iJustine, Tobuscus, Shane Dawson, the Machinima Crew (Seananners, Hutch, Tejb etc.) and also ‘AwesomeSauceFilms’ now known as ‘BajanCanadian’ and ‘JeromeASF’. These were just a few however I was able to leave comments and have a fairly high chance of receiving a reply. Now the comment’s section is like an angry mob that will drown you unless you can think up something to say worthy of a few likes. I miss being able to talk to them personally and build those connections. There are still smaller YouTubers (under 100k) that I’m able to speak with although it’s a shame that we are no longer able to do this with some of my favourites! In fact Shane Dawson recently replied to a tweet I sent him and I freaked out when he replied. I don’t think it should be a thing we get excited about.

PewDiePie joined YouTube quite late (2010) so it was shocking to see him go from 3.5m to 18m over the year of 2013. Some fans believe that his location has made a major contribution to his growth since he moved from Sweden to Italy to LA and finally to Brighton in the UK. It’s rumored that YouTube will favour content made in a certain country to residents of this country and so by moving this many times could have helped him reach multiple audiences.

>> Should you join a YouTube Network? “No!” says PewDiePie

I personally subscribed to him when he had around 400k subscribers to see his ‘Happy Wheels’ series and his ‘Fridays w/ PewDiePie’ series. I only started watching him properly when he started his play through of ‘The Walking Dead’ (Walking Dead, Heavy Rain etc.). It’s also been recently rumored that PewDiePie will voice a character in Ice Age 5 (2016) as stated on the movie’s IMDB page. He was later featured in two episodes of (his favourite cartoon) South Park and wrote his own book.

We recently took the time to research PewDiePie’s fan base and managed discover the names of PewDie’s first ever 19 subscribers. We spoke with a few of his first fans to get their thoughts on how he’s evolved as a person and a youtuber.

In the video Danny narrates an interview that we conducted between two of PewDie’s first fans. We also interviewed a third although did not capture that on camera. We have the written interview with one of PewDiePie’s actual friends who participated in a ‘duel minecraft playthrough’ with him on PewDie’s channel when he first started out.


The Third Interview [w/ Xebaz]

Did you know that you were one of PewDiePie’s first subscribers?

Why did you subscribe to PewDiePie?
“He linked me to his channel and I subbed because I was a friend of his”

Do you remember what videos he was making?
“Blacklight: tango down is pretty much the oldest videos of his I remember”

Did you ever talk to him? (tweets, youtube comments)

Has PewDiePie changed since you watched him? (Do you miss anything about him?)
“I hope you know the fact that I met him before he started his youtube career, but I miss him having a lot of free time, he’s pretty busy now a days.”

Did you ever think that he’d be the #1 most subscribed youtube?
“I thought he’d go far, but I never knew he’d go as far as #1”

Do you ever tell people that you one of his first subscribers and possibly pewdiepie’s first subscriber?

Do you still watch his videos now?
“Not really, nothing against him, he’s still a really nice guy and a good friend, I am just not really interested anymore. (Really, sorry!)”

Have you ever met PewDie in real life?
“We had plans to but never did.”

Do you remember how you found his videos?
“Like I said earlier, he told me about them before he even posted.”

Thanks! I totally think you two should make another video together!

If you would rather read the other interviews too, instead of watching the video, you can read them below:

David Molnar’s interview

TehCacti’s interview:

So there we have insight from two of PewDiePie’s first subscribers. When did you subscribe to PewDiePie and do you still enjoy his videos as much as you do now? Leave a comment below!

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