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At the annual WWDC in San Francisco, which was held today on June 2nd 2014, Apple revealed a ton of new software updates including iOS 8 and OS Yosemite but no iPhone 6. We wrote this article while watching the official live stream and so below will be the announcements in note form.


  • This years WWDC is the 25th anniversary.
  • We see a video called ‘Apps We Can’t Live Without’ so that they can connect with developers.

  • Their youngest app developer is only 13 years old. There are 9 million app developers.
  • Apple’s newest operating system (Mavericks) is being used by roughly 48% of users however Windows 8 is only being used by roughly 15% of users.
  • This years new operating system is announced as ‘OS Yosemite’ (Yo-Sem-i-Tea)
  • New Interface, Improves Apps + Continuity.
  • The design is revealed as a very clean but brightly colored and cartoon feel.
  • Dark Mode Announced. (to prevent distraction by
  • We see a live preview of the OS Yosemite.
  • iCloud Drive announced. (iCloud within the finder)
  • Large files (up to 5GB) can easily be send across e-mail via Mail Drive.
  • Mark-Up allows users to sketch annotations onto images in their emails including writing a signature. (+speech bubbles/arrows)
  • HTML Video allows players such as Netflix allows users to stream for longer (battery life) without downloading plugins.
  • Brian gives us a tour of the newly designed Safari.
  • Ability to scroll through tabs and view in a ‘birds eye’ view.
  • Airdrop now works between iOS and the Mac.
  • The Mac used proximity awareness to switch between work on the iPhone & Mac.
  • If you bring your iOS device near your Mac. You can enable a hotspot from the Mac.
  • Calls & Texts can be viewed from the Mac itself. You can make calls from the Mac and use the Mac as a speaker. Dial a phone number from the Mac.
  • We receive a demo with a call to ‘Dr. Dre‘ via the Mac.
  • The free new operating system will be available now for developers and for everybody else this fall (with their own Beta program too).
  • 130 Million new customers to Apple in the last year (with 50% coming from Andriod).
  • 89% of customers are on the latest software. 9% of customers from Android are on their newest software.
  • iOS 8 is announced as a giant release. Great developer features too.
  • Ability to reply to notifications without leaving your current app.
  • Ability to reply to notifications within the lockscreen.
  • See your most recent contacts with a double click of the home button.
  • Spotlight now searches across the iTunes store and the internet (not just your device)
  • Predictive text predicts what you will want to say. This is ‘quick type’ technology.
  • The device will learn how you type and suggest a response to their text.
  • You can share your location within a text message thread.
  • You can send voice messages and video messages via the SMS.
  • ‘Do not disturb’ mode for certain SMS group chats to stop annoying ‘new message’ noises.
  • John takes a selfie on stage and pulls a duckface.
  • Listen to voice messages simply by bringing your phone to your ear from your lock screen.
  • Apple’s ‘Health’ stock application monitors all 3rd party health applications into one. (blood pressure, heart rate, calorie counter)
  • A doctor will be notified if a users information is looking unhealthy.
  • ‘Family Sharing’ gives users ability to share calendars and photos including ‘Find my friends’ or ‘Find my Child’.
  • Kids can ask permission to purchase applications to parents through ‘Family Sharing’.
  • ‘Photos’ app can be searched through for locations, times and albums.
  • Great HDR after edits to re-adjust brightness levels.
  • All apple devices are synced meaning all pictures can be seen on all devices and edits are seen in real time.
  • 20GB of iCloud for just 60p a month.
  • Siri updates. Talk to Siri without touching the iPhone when connected to your car. Siri detects songs that are playing when opening (via Shazam Technology)
  • 1.2 Million applications.
  • Improved appstore. (App Bundles = multiple apps in one purchase, app trailers with preview photos)
  • ‘Testflight’ BETA. Developers can invite users to test their apps before release.
  • ‘Editors Choice’ apps.
  • SDK updates. (extensibility, extensions etc.)
  • Widgets within the notifications centre. (bidding on ebay)
  • Touch ID (finger print) – 3rd party apps can now take advantage of touch ID.
  • ‘Homekit’ – Unlock door, garage door, temperate, thermostat, lights all in one with multiple 3rd party apps.
  • Say ‘Get ready for bed!’ to Siri to close all doors, dim lights and lower thermostat.
  • ‘CloudKit’ announced.
  • ‘Metal’ announced in 3D graphics. Replaces OpenGL. (Up to 10x faster games)
  • App games very similar to console games now.
  • Around 100 separate animations at once (fish, birds, petals, water drops etc.)
  • ‘Demo’ of the ‘Zen Garden’ to show off ‘Metal’ (free on appstore)466710bafdcf0556f12c3f4bb3781401
  • ‘SpriteKit’ and ‘Scenekit’ announced for basic games.
  • xCode uses a new programming language called ‘Swift‘ from ‘Objective-C’. We hear developers cheering as loud as they can and we see them clapping as hard as they can they’re almost about to break their wrists.
  • Chris shows us a demo of ‘Swift’ coding. – #Swift begins to trend on Twitter.
  • iOS 8 is wrapped up and available this fall with developers who are given a beta today.
  • iOS 8 will be available on the iPhone 4s, 5, 5s (and 6?) and other devices.
  • Tim Cook thanks all of Apple’s staff.

Apple are expected to release products such as the iWatch, iPhone 6 and maybe a new Apple TV this September. Read about that here.

Watch the recorded 2 hour event here:

For a full overview of everything in iOS 8 visit Apple’s website:

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