Watch Dogs Torrent is Secretly Mining Bitcoins Using Your PC!

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The released of the highly anticipated video game, Watch Dogs, has finally come to it’s release date and as we know some people prefer to download their games illegally rather than pay for them. However, hackers have been using you to their advantage to earn you money while slowing down your computer.

Watch Dogs is a stealthy action adventure free roam game similar to Grand Theft Auto. Although in this game you play as Aiden Pearce who is a highly skilled grey hat hacker who has the ability to hack into almost anything such as traffic lights, security cameras and even other peoples phones. Other plays can enter your singleplayer game and pose as another NPC civilian and attempt to hack you before jumping back into their own game where you can follow them. The game has a great concept and very topical due to today’s tech filled society.


I’ve recently seen quite a few articles talking about the subject of ‘hidden bitcoin miners’ that are ‘secretly mining bitcoins on your computer within cracked versions of the game. They describe this technique as the ‘latest hacking trend’ when in reality this ‘hacking trend has been around for the last few years.

So what is a BitCoin?

It’s very hard to explain and so I’d have to point you in the direction of Google if you’d like to know more on the broad subject of ‘bitcoins’ although I’ll give it my best shot.

Simply a bitcoin is a type of cypto-currency. It’s the most popular and widely used and works in the same way that the american dollar does. I can send you an amount of money in the ‘bitcoin’ currency and it will be totally anonymous and there are no chargebacks.

How do I send a BitCoin?

I open up my ‘Bitcoin wallet’ software and enter the amount of bitcoins I’d like to send along with my the Bitcoin address of somebody you’d like to send Bitcoin to. You hit send and it will automatically be sent to that person anonymously.

How do I get Bitcoin?

You can purchase bitcoin or mine bitcoin.

The value of bitcoin is changing all the time although so is the value of the british sterling and the american dollar. You can look up the current value of one bitcoin here:Β

There are websites where you can buy and sell bitcoin or you could just sell a product and ask for your payment in bitcoin.

A lot of illegal products are sold using bitcoins since they are untraceable. These transactions usually take place on illegal online shops such as ‘SilkRoad’ (which can only be accessed through an open network browser (such as TOR) with the correct link and a personal account) which sells weapons and drugs.

Mining bitcoins is their way of ‘making new bitcoins’. In the real world we print new money however in the Bitcoin world the only way new bitcoins can enter our world is if they are mined. Once all the bitcoins are mined we will no longer be able to mine them. Mining is a very confusing process that requires a ‘miner’ software and a VERY VERY good graphics card (some can be tailored for bitcoin mining). My computer can average around Β£0.02 worth of bitcoins (0.00005811 BTC) after 24 hours of mining. Although the fact that I left my computer on for that long meant our electricity bill would have probably tripled meaning I lost money. You can work out whether or not you’d be making money with ‘bitcoin calculators’. Below is a tutorial but to be honest I wouldn’t bother with it.

However, If IΒ told you that you could get thousands of people to mine bitcoin for you meaning your electricity bill wouldn’t rise and your computer wouldn’t run slowly as you mine. For the last couple years, hackers have been injecting a ‘silent bitcoin miner’ into peoples computers when they try to download something that contains their virus. This miner will silently mine bitcoin in the background of your computer without you even knowing. The person who set-up this virus miner will be earning hundreds of pounds as thousands of kids computers are running incredibly slow to work as a slave for the hacker. Even if you do get the game you’ll also get a virus/silent miner that isΒ secretly mining bitcoins.


But I have Anti-Virus Software?

Anti-Virus software will do nothing to stop hackers. Even the one that you pay for every month, it will NOT stop the hackers. The simple piece of software that a hacker will use is a ‘cryptor‘. It’s a paid product that will jumble up the code and data within their virus so that it becomes unrecognisable to the anti-viruses. This piece of software is something that almost anybody can obtain and every hacker has one. If you think you are clever by using an Anti-Virus software then think again. Don’t download dodgy games even if there are hundreds of comments saying that it’s a ‘working copy’ because they are likely to have been written by the hacker from multiple accounts.

The copy of the game that has said have been infected was from a trusted source (“Skidrow”) who publish popular games on the day of their release along with a torrent download option too.

They will also install more lag inducing software such as ‘free media players’ and ‘music players’ onto your computer and will recieve a couple dollars/pounds per install. This is called ‘illegal PPI’.

How do I know if there is a ‘silent bitcoin miner’ in my PC?

It’s hard to remove virused when you are a beginner although one of the simple things you can do is check your task manager process list and look for anything dodgy such as two ‘winlogon.exe’.


1. This isn’t anything new and it will carry on happening.

2. Don’t download games illegally. Just buy them and stop being a cheapo (I understand when people watch movies illegally because they are streamed now rather than downloaded with reduced the risk of viruses)

3. If they have installed a silent miner on your PC that probably won’t be the only thing they have installed on your PC and you will most likely have your information such as bank accounts and e-mails stolen. They will also have the ability to use your webcam to watch you.

What do you think of Bitcoins, hackers and the new Watch Dogs game?


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