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Learn the origins and story behind the popular hot sauce brand in Griffin Hammond’s new short documentary film, ‘Sriracha’ which was accepted into 6 film festivals and won 1 award for ‘Best Short Documentary’.


Sriracha is a hot sauce made from chili peppers, distilled vinegar, garlic, sugar and salt.

It’s named after the coastal city of Si Racha in Thailand where it was first produced for dishes at seafood restaurants. The sauce is rated to be a medium heat of 1000-2500 scoville units which is fairly mild compared the one of the world’s hottest chili called the Ghost Pepper which is rated at 1 million scoville units. There are a few variations from different companies however the most notable example would be the ‘Hoy Foods‘ ‘Rooster’ Sriracha sauce also known as ‘cock sauce’ in some places (according to Wikipedia).

The movie was produced by the co-owner of the YouTube owned YouTube channel ‘Indy Mogul’ who is a freelance Videographer & Editor. Griffin stopped working on Indy Mogul when the channel had it’s budget taken away due to the network (YouTube) that owned the channel not wanted to run it anymore. Griffin & Russel branched off into their own channels where Griffin now has 24,000 subscribers and Russel has 13,000 subscribers. If you’d like to hear more about Griffin himself then watch his short bio:

He raised $20,000 for the film through kickstarter where he initially only asked for $5000. This covered costs of DVD/Blueray production, advertisement, travel and the submission price for multiple film festivals. Griffin actually held a contest on his channel last week where he was giving away a DVD copy of his movie, an autographed headshot, a screener test dvd and a business card and we won! Watch the video below where we unbox the gift!

So that’s the movie! If you want to watch this spectacular movie then you can head over to SrirachaMovie.comΒ and purchase the movie for yourself. And to finish off here is a wonderful gif extracted from Griffin’s movie.








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