‘Abandoned Child Prank’ Goes Way Too Far!

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A video uploaded to the portuguese ‘Canal BOOM‘ YouTube channel titled ‘PEGADINHA: Menina Abandonada ‘ which means ‘Gotcha: Abandoned Girl’ which is the name of their prank series followed by this episode’s name.

Over the last year or so we have seen a massive increase in ‘prank videos’ on YouTube such asΒ VitalyzedTV, Break, RomanAtwood, PVP, Jack Vale, Ed Bassmaster, LAHWF and so so many more. The prankster community strive to release the wackiest and most extreme pranks while still making people laugh.

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Although a new channel has arisen as of just the 23rd of January last year (2013) meaning they’ve only been around 1 Β  1/2 years. Β It seems that they began their YouTube journey creating parodies and comedy skits although they’ve recently moved into the pranking world of YouTube and have received a large success. Even though they are portuguese and do not speak english you can understand whats going on in their ‘PEGADINHA’ prank series (Gotcha). They’ve uploaded 6 pranks and now have 290,000 subscribers and 27.3 total upload million views! (They also have a super catchy outro theme tune.)


Their newest prank hasn’t gone viral yet and sits at 800,000 views although I can see it gaining a LOT more views. The video shows a young girl alone in the dark (as how most of their pranks are filmed) sitting on a chair and crying into her palms. When unsuspected people walk by to kindly take care of the young girl, she lifts up her head revealing her burnt and blood dripping face filled with bent and twisted teeth and to top it all off white contact lenses. The girl screams as she runs towards her terrified heroes for internet views on their ‘PEGADINHA’ series.

John Townend: “OMG this is SO cruel! (and hilarious xD)”

This was just a simple scare prank but the fact that they chased them down the road and used such detailed make-up gave the prank quite a realistic scare that could have possibly given them a fear or messed with them psychologically. This isn’t the only kind of prank that these guys have done. They also did a ‘Zombie Prank‘, for their ‘PEGADINHA’ series, where they pretend to be a zombie eating the body of another man but when anΒ unsuspecting citizen walks by he begins chasing them down. At one point he was chasing a small boy and his father and the boy was screaming/shouting the whole time while running for his life. I’m not saying pranks are bad because the basic ones such as the ‘air horn prank’ can be fun although some can just go too far.

Here is a basic overview of the ‘Abandoned Child’ prank:

This poor sobbing girl is alone:


I’m not surprised these concerned citizens want to help out:

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…and that is how you terrify innocent human beings.


But to be honest, it’s all just a joke and apparently we love these ‘prank videos’ since they rack up such large audiences. So what do you think? Are these videos morally wrong or are they just a bit of fun? Leave your response in the comment section below!



George Baker

Founder of BakerBrotherTV

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