Possessed Woman On Train Randomly Attacks Man!

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On Thursday a Facebook user named ‘Renèe A. Carter’ uploaded a video to her personal account that shows a ‘demonic’ or ‘possessed’ women randomly attacking a man on an Edmonton Train in Canada. Watch the full video footage below:

As the video starts we see the young girl licking her fingers and fidgeting around trying to get comfy. She then begins struggling to take off her necklace which she throws to the floor in distress. She begins breathing deeply before looking around at everybody. In the second part we notice that the women has become even more aggravated as she begins to stick out her lower jaw making a chewing motion while jerking her head around (kind of like she was morphing into a werewolf, literally). She takes her hands to her face looking up and begins to roar as she turns and fixates onto the sleepy man eating pringles. She lunges for his throat holding him down in his seat and then throws a poor punch missing his face. The man struggles and pushes her away but she grabs hold of his long hair and begins pulling and tugging before she walks away.

The man feeling embarrassed and treated like dirt steps up and pushes her while shouting profanities. The women filming the video calls out to stop the fight.

Renée Carter: “Hey, Hey, Hey, She’s probably f**king possessed, shes probably just-“

He swings hitting her in the face. With little to no reaction she counters with a kick. As they begin to scuffle the police run in a break up the fight charging them both a £500 fine. The video ends before she falls to the floor and lays still.

Oxford: “As you see on the video, the transit officers reacted quickly and appropriately and were able to ensure the safety of the passengers as soon as they were able to intervene.”

This women was obviously experiencing a super bad trip after consuming a large amount of drugs. We see her ‘paranoia‘ as she looks around at everybody, her ‘numbness to danger’ as she attacks a man much larger than her, her ‘hallucinations‘ as she tries to kill the Bath Salts ('Aliens Guy' Meme) - Edmonton Train Attackman and possibly her ‘munchies‘ as she lunges for the pringles. There are some positives that come to these videos being shared around and that is that kids will see the dark side of drugs and how they literally destroy your life.

This isn’t new though. To be honest this was nothing compared to other drug abuse stories such the “Miami Zombie” (which sparked the idea for VitalyedTV’s famous Miami Zombie Prank) where a, said to be possessed, man ate the face of a stranger for 18 minutes until he was shot dead by police. A lot of people decided that it was ‘bath salts’ for these attacks which created wide spread panic across USA. In fact many people believe that these ‘bath salts’ are the same ones we put in our baths when in reality ‘bath salt’ is the slang term for ‘designer drugs’ such as ‘meth’. Just Google Image search ‘bath salts’. Actually no. Don’t.

Alica Hope-Ross: “This is so bizarre. Zombie?”

Why are there people like this popping up in the news. It’s a cross between new drugs being manufactured and the invention of the video camera catching it on film. If that girl never filmed that video then nobody would know about it apart from the people on the train.

Some people are offended that the man was fined $500 (£296) as well. Of course, he was defending himself but she had walked away when he stood up and punched her. If he had of punched her during the altercation it would have been considered self defense.

What do you think? Is she on drugs or is she actually possessed? Leave a comment below.



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