Bearded Lady Wins EuroVison Song Contest 2014!

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The EuroVison song contest is a massive contest held every year where groups of singers from each country battle it out for votes. Although this year’s winner was a little different from the rest due to the presence of a ‘bearded lady’.


This year’s winner was Austria’s (bearded lady) Conchita Wurst who sung ‘Rise like a Phoenix’. The fact that this  female singer had a beard totally freaked out Twitter creating confusion and jokes and even the hashtags “#BeardedLady” and ‘#TimeToShave‘ to trend. Even though this women looked like a total reincarnation of Jesus she was still a fantastic singer.

#BeardedLady Trending In The UK!

Conchita’s real name is Tom Neuwirth and is a Transexual who under went ‘sex reassignment surgery’ also known as ‘sex change’ surgery. I personally think that’s fine. It’s your life and it’s your body. If you feel more comfortable in the opposite gender that’s fine but if you are going to change then go all the way. It’s like you got bored half way through the procedure and walked out.

Conchita’s Winning Performance:

Conchita’s Personal Vlog:

It’s amazing to see how far we have come as a human race. We’ve learned to accepted people who are different and let people be who they want to be and not who we want them to be (like we are all a copy of Hitler trying to create a super race) . Fifty years ago if a black man, a gay man or anybody different walked into a bar they’d be disrespected or even in some cases attacked. In modern times we highly respect people who believe in equality and support people who dare to be different. We’ve learnt to adapt and give anybody and a chance and now it’s time that we come to understand transsexuals in the same way that we have done with homosexuals and people with a different skin color. (It’s kind of like me not liking you because you prefer waffles over pancakes.)

A transsexual is somebody who does not feel comfortable living as a man or women and would much rather live as the opposite gender and so they under go surgery to change their sexual features and organs so they can feel more comfortable in their own bodies and in social situations.

Although to be honest if she wants to keep the beard then that’s fine but she shouldn’t expect everybody to accept her. It took us 20 years to accept black people even after the Civil Rights Movement in 1960. If she was ‘gay’ instead of ‘trans’ then nobody would would be laughing or taking the micky. Newspapers would start debates as to whether or not the BBC should be shut down for ‘homophobia’ yet ‘transphobia’ is allowed. We’ll probably look back on this event in 10 years and be amazed at how the BBC could start a trend ‘#TimeToShave’ and get away with it.

Joseph Cassidy: The amount of transphobia trend is just plain disgusting. 

So as Conchita said in her winning performance “Rise like a Phoenix”.

What do you think of Conchita Wurst?




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